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How to properly wear Eagle Talon Cuffs

Eagle Talon Cuffs are constructed to fit both men and women and to securely hold in place once fitted properly.  In order to do so, follow the steps outlined below:

1. Slide cuff on hand with panic snap facing fingertips and lay the cuff as shown


2. Fasten buckle snuggly


3. Once fastened, a finger should be able to fit under the buckle at the wrist - this shows the space for the carpal tunnel without any compression


4. Test to be sure cuff is fastened securely by tugging on the strap.  Cuff may slide slightly.  If it moves too much, adjust buckle for a tighter fit.


5. Adjusted fit


6. View from buckle side


7. Fits men just as easily

cuffs mark

8. Panic snaps - safety for both top and bottom - simply pull down on the arrow to release

cuffs loftpanic

9. Position on cross (NOTE - NOT for use in full suspension.)

cuffs markcross3

10. Stress tested by our craftsman, Mark.  Yes if you pass out on the cross they will hold you (be sure to have them fastened securely)

cuffs markcross7

Be sure to store your cuffs with the buckles closed to prevent losing a strap. The straps are not attached to the body of the cuff, it is important that they be able to slide for correct positioning.