bdsm dragontails leather and wood products

bdsm toysIntroducing a quality line of leather and wood products for our kinky patrons.


To celebrate Pride Month, we have an awesome new collection of rainbow floggers available - order yours today! Available in our shop @ $150

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We have the only DOUBLE and TRIPLE dragon tails and they are awesome! They throw amazing and can leave multiple marks or twist a little in the throw and leave a single mark.

As always dragon tails are a very versatile toy that can be light and sensual to thuddy to stingy, oh my!

All Soaring Eagle Creations products are backed by a lifetime warranty. We also offer 10% coupons for returning customers for your next purchase.


Mark "MSquared" and Kelly "Lady Leigh" are the co-owners of Soaring Eagle Creations. Together, they are working hard to bring you the finest toys possible while providing a new and innovative variety for your toy bag.

Our products include:

  • Dragontails
  • Bedroom/short Dragontails
  • Double Dragontails for twice the impact
  • Triple Dragontails - oh my!
  • Floggers in a variety of weight from light to heavy and two colors available
  • Bats
  • Quick Cuffs
  • and Eagle Talon Cuffs (How to properly wear Eagle Talon Cuffs)