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Quality leather products for our fabulous kinky patrons.

Intoducing our new products 

Braided Floggers, Rose Floggers, Talon Cuffs Colors

Braided Finger Whips


cobalt black braided flogger  rose braided flogger  raspberry bundle  red talon cuffs

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We have DOUBLE and TRIPLE dragon tails and they are awesome! They throw amazingly well and can leave multiple marks or twist a little in the throw and leave a single mark.

As always dragon tails are a very versatile toy that can be light and sensual to thuddy to stingy, oh my!

All Soaring Eagle Creations products are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Mark "MSquared" and Kelly "Lady Leigh" are the co-owners of Soaring Eagle Creations. Together, they are working hard to bring you the finest toys possible while providing a new and innovative variety for your toy bag.

Our products include:

  • Dragontails
  • Bedroom/short Dragontails
  • Double Dragontails for twice the impact
  • Triple Dragontails - oh my!
  • Floggers in a variety of weight from light to heavy and two colors available
  • Bats
  • Quick Cuffs
  • and Eagle Talon Cuffs (How to properly wear Eagle Talon Cuffs)